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What the temple means to Emily Burneson

April 6

"I remember an experience that I once had in a department store.  I had two children at the time, an infant and a toddler.  One moment my 3-year-old was by my side, and the next moment he was gone.  I couldn't find him anywhere.  My panic sent me frantically searching up and down the aisles.  I thought I had lost him.  Soon, with the help of other women in the store, Daniel was found hiding inside a circular rack of clothing.  Words cannot describe the complete despair that I felt when I thought that Daniel was gone; nor can I explain fully the joy that I felt when we were reunited.

The work done in temples reunites loved ones and allows them be together as part of an eternal family.  My husband and I have been sealed in the temple through the Holy Spirit of Promise, and our children have been added to our family as part of the covenant we made there.  If we remain faithful to those covenants, our children will not be lost.  They will be ours forever.  I could not imagine spending eternity without every member of my family.  The sealing power of the temple binds us together and allows us to achieve the highest degree of Celestial glory.

It is also in the temple that Heaven and Earth meet.  We are able to symbolically cross through the veil and enter a peaceful place that reminds me of home.  In the Celestial room of the temple, I feel close to my Father in Heaven.  I am able to pour out my soul in prayer and supplication and, with clarity, receive guidance and love from the Lord.  The troubles of the world are left outside.  In the temple, my sights are turned to the path back home to Heavenly Father and my life is better aligned with matters of eternity.

My love for the temple began at a young age.  I remember singing about the temple as a little girl and anxiously awaiting the day that I would enter the House of the Lord.  I remember my first temple trip to the Chicago, Illinois Temple.  The closeness that I felt to deceased loved ones penetrated my heart.  The most joyous moment of my life took place in the St. Louis Temple, where I was joined with my spouse for time and all eternity.  I want all the members of my family, my ancestry and my posterity alike, to have all the blessings of the temple."

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scrapwordsmom said...

Oh my goodness!! Hi, "Auntie" Em!! She was my "Aunt" for the Pioneer Trek 4 summers ago!!!!!!

Sister Leslie Ackman from Maryville


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