Sunday, April 29, 2012

Visiting Aunt Carol's "Castle Church"

"My six year old nephew, Peyton, attends a church of a different faith that is close by our temple.  Each Sunday morning, his family would drive by Aunt Carol's "castle church".  He frequently commented to his mother that "Aunt Carol's church must know more about God, because they get to go to church in a castle and we just have a stupid old building."  As soon as the open house dates for the temple were announced, I offered to take him inside the castle.  Peyton began to count down the days."

"We arrived at the temple site and Peyton was ready.  He was first in line right next to the tour guide.  On the walk over, he noticed the flowers and the man "guarding" the fence when we walked in.  He thought the booties were a great idea to keep the carpet clean, but he did wonder why we didn't just take our shoes off, since that is what he does at home."

"And then we stepped inside...Peyton's beautiful blue eyes were big and full of wonder as he looked around.  He stretched on his toes to touch the registration desk.  As we made our way through the temple, he knelt to touch the carpet in every room.  He sat in many chairs and sometimes touched a table, a curtain or ever so gently put his finger on the leaf of a flower."

"He had most of the questions about the Baptistry because he has never seen a baptism.  We had quite a lively discussion about why we get baptized and what it looks like to be in the water!"

"He regretfully gave up his booties when we exited the temple.  As we walked away, he practiced saying Moroni's name so he could wave to him from now on, when he drove by."

"We were enjoying our cookies in the Cultural Hall and I asked Peyton; "What do you think of the castle?" His reply; "It's good, but it's too bad you only get to go there for special stuff."

"Through the eyes of a child, he has learned that the temple is for "special stuff".  I hope one day that I can teach him more about how "special" that stuff really is."

Carol Tallant

Carol's experience reminded me of a song I used to sing as a child called Palaces and Temples.

Every Prince and Princess has a palace, cause I've seen them in my picture books.
Buildings so magnificent, and dazzling that people come to take a look.
I don't have a palace. 
I'm not royalty.
But I'm a Child of God.
And there are places even lovelier than palaces for me.

They are Holy Temples to the Lord.
They are for those Saints who live His word.
And when I'm a little bit older,
I'll understand even more,
Why a temple is a palace to the living God.
And just what temples are for.  

Music and Lyrics by Janeen Brady

Thank you for sharing your experience Carol.  I know there are many more stories about the open house from other Temple Chasers.  If you are interested in sharing them, let me know.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Calling for Submissions...

Friends in the Kansas City Missouri Temple District: 

Please repost this so we can better get the word out!

Liberty Stake is spearheading a project to publish a 160-page, full color commemorative book about the announcement, construction, open house, and dedication of the Kansas City Missouri Temple. This is a NON-PROFIT venture. The book will be available for purchase throughout the Temple District via a yet-to-be-created website. We would like the book to include the thoughts, feelings, and experiences of as many people in the temple district as possible, along with original photography, artwork and poetry. If you would like to be part of this book, which is sure to be a keepsake for years to come, please send your submissions no later than May 8, 2012. This will allow inclusion of items surrounding the Temple Dedication on May 6. Please email entries We will send you a release to complete, allowing us to use your submission.


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

My turn to tour

I'm not sure how to even put my experience into words.

From the moment the tour guide pushed play on the video until I got back in the car to leave the open house, I couldn't contain my emotions.

The olive branch motifs, the crystal chandeliers, the arched doors to the sealing rooms, the marble base boards, the subtle soft color scheme, the door hinges, the gold leaf over the font, the barrel ceilings in the celestial room, the feeling...all as spectacular as a House of the Lord ought to be.

I was completely overcome when I saw the mural in the "instruction room". It was absolutely perfect.  I felt it in my soul.

The ingenious layout.

The symbolism in design.

The intimacy and yet grandeur.

And topping it off, we were able to see friends while we were touring.  I had a brief glimpse into what heaven must be like and being in the presence of our Father and families and friends who have already passed on.

There is a special feeling in and around the area of the temple.  Good things are happening and many more will come.

I'm so grateful that I could go see the temple.  My visit brought peace beyond comprehension.  It brought closure.  It brought contentment and gratitude beyond measure. My baby was able to see and feel the Spirit of the temple for herself, a memory I will always treasure.

I will always be a...


Ella loves the Temple

Temple Chaser, Ella, loves to see the Kansas City Temple.

I have enjoyed seeing the children's reactions when they see the temple at the open house.  They come dressed in their very best, they feel the Spirit, they appreciate the beauty and it binds them to the temple in a sweet way.  They long to return again and again.  The memory stays with them.  Take your children to see the Kansas City Temple!


Monday, April 9, 2012

CNN Video View of the Temple

Here's a link to a video on CNN about the temple.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Kansas City Temple in the Media

Great articles are being posted all over the media regarding the Kansas City Temple this week.

Here are the links to a few of them:

Governor Nixon speaks of "a time of healing for us."

Deseret News mentions the KC Temple open house with a link to LDS Church Public Affairs managing director Michael Otterson's article about LDS templs on his Washington Post's "On Faith" site:

and this one on CNN's Belief Blog:

I posted this one, but worth mentioning again is the article written locally by Brian Burnes. Please email him and thank him for his fair words.

I am sure there will be more articles to come.  What a great time to be a Kansas City Temple Chaser!


Saturday, April 7, 2012

Guest Blogger: Another Perspective

Guest Blogger:  Carol Popper (her first blog ever)
Disclaimer #1:   I am not a member of the Mormon Church, but I do manage to spend 95% of my holidays with some.  I have some very good friends that are Mormon.
Disclaimer #2:   My daughter, Valerie (a member of the church) takes most of the photos on this blog and we are very proud of her.

"Today, I got to take a private tour of the Kansas City Temple. 
It was not my first time to a “pre-dedicated” temple (the Anchorage Alaska one was my first) so I sort of knew what to expect.   I knew there would be very nice, elegant and beautiful rooms.   I am not sure what all the rooms were named or even what purpose they have but that was not important to me.

I will tell you that even among the cords, ladders, boxes (full and empty) it was very…. shall I say peaceful?  
It is a very comforting building. 
The floors, walls and furnishings are very nice.   Calm, muted shades of cream, greens and beige are everywhere.  

As you come into a room you notice lots of nice things but then your eyes are drawn upward, to the bright beautiful ceilings.  It is almost as if you are looking toward Heaven (hmmm could be a theme?)   The ceilings are white, with lots of delicate gold trim and in the corners of most rooms (Sealing, Brides room, Celestial) very intricate designs.  Needless to say the chandeliers are gorgeous, very bright and shiny with lots of crystals.   
I noticed the cream colored rugs have cut areas that match the intricate designs of the ceiling.  It is very cool.   As I entered the Celestial Room, the archway above the huge doors is all glass and it also matches the rug and ceiling design. Very, very cool.

I was told that the wood for the pulpit in the Chapel is from the “field with the really long name that I can’t say or spell” (I am sorry to my Mormon friends I have never been able to say it… I can drive to it but I can’t say it!)  [Adam Ondi Ahman].

The mural in the Ordinance Room is so much like the landscape here in Missouri with green rolling hills.

The attention to detail is so wonderful from the small lamps in the Bride Room to the curtains behind the Ordinance Room to the carpet details.   If you stand on the landing of the carpeted stairs look at the vines on the stair treads…. they match exactly.  It is like one long vine.

I think my favorite (or maybe second favorite part – next to the ceilings) are the floral arrangements.  I must say that the people that did them are awesome.  The flowers are not real but… they are very life-like.  They are set in clear vases with the acrylic water. I notice that some of the flower ends that would be in the water actually look like the real thing like  roots, vines,  with them in slightly colored water like they are really rooted.  I caught myself wanting to smell them.  They bring a very nice bright spot of color and comfort to a classy space.

I did tell my daughter tonight that I feel all Mormons should be very proud of this temple.   It is truly a beautiful place.   Even though I will probably never enter it after the dedication, I can see why it means so much to all of you.  The grounds are nice and I can see a walk there in the summer just to enjoy the quiet peacefulness that seems to live there.
Good job to all that were involved.  It was worth the wait."

Carol Popper was able to take a tour through the temple last month.  I loved reading about her experience.  If you would like to share yours, let us know.


Friday, April 6, 2012

Article in the KC Star

Or go here to read it.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Peek Inside

The Church has officially posted images and a video slide show of pictures of the inside of the Temple.
Go here to read the article, see photos and view the slide show.


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Fit for the Open House

Only a few days left before the doors of the Kansas City Temple open to the public.

Have you made your reservation?

Have you invited your friends and neighbors?

Have you prepared yourself spiritually, to receive inspiration regarding people you can share the message of eternal families with?

While Temple Chasers have been preparing to attend the Kansas City Temple, hard work has been going on inside and out to prepare for you!

I can't help but think of those early pioneer-members of the Church and how excited they must be as well.

A  Temple fit for an Open House.  A Temple fit to be the House of the Lord.  Are we fit to receive the blessings of the temple?  

We would love to hear about your experiences at the Kansas City Temple Open House.

Have joy.  This is a blessed time to be a Chaser.


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