Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Moving Heaven and Earth

Much is being accomplished at the temple lot in our FABULOUS fall weather right now. These cooler dry days are being taken full advantage of.

There are dozens of tractors moving earth all over. Little boys would be in heaven with all the equipment roaming the dirt hills. The entire face of the property is being moulded and shaped and changed. Even some of the original chain link fencing is coming down. It's like watching a little bit of heaven being created on earth. It's a pretty exciting time to be a Chaser...

Sunday, November 1, 2009

For the Strength of the Youth

Fellow Temple Chasers are sighted this week!

These pictures were taken just a couple of days ago at the beautiful round-a-bout across from the temple lot. It's so great to see the youth get excited about the new temple.
Thank you to Nathan, Tyler and Jordan!

Mom says, "Oh how I can't wait to take some groundbreaking pix. Like my mom said..."patience is a virtue!" So now we wait..."


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