Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Statue tops spire of Mormon temple -

Statue tops spire of Mormon temple -

Workers used a construction crane last week to hoist a statue of an angel to its spot atop the new Mormon temple in the Northland.
About the statue
•It represents the Angel Moroni, an important figure in the theology of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
•Perched 153 feet above the ground, atop the temple’s eastern spire, it’s 12 feet tall and 1,200 pounds, with a fiberglass body and a skin of gold leaf.
•It’s modeled after the statue atop the Salt Lake City Temple in Utah. That statue was designed in the late 1800s by Cyrus E. Dallin, the sculptor who also created The Scout in Kansas City’s Penn Valley Park.
About the temple
•Exterior work on the 32,000-square-foot temple near Searcy Creek Parkway and Pleasant Valley Road is largely completed. Inside, though, it’s “virtually a shell,” Jeremiah Morgan, president of the church’s Liberty Stake, said Thursday. “They will now turn their attention to the inside.”
Work is to be completed in 2012.
•The temple will serve church members in the greater Kansas City area as well as Springfield, Joplin, Topeka, Warrensburg and surrounding areas.
“The temple is not a regular meeting house that we use every Sunday for worship services and for activities during the week,” Morgan said. “But it’s a place we reserve for sacred instruction and things like baptism and marriages.”
•The Kansas City Missouri Temple, as it is officially known to church members, is one of 23 temples either announced or under construction by the church. A total of 134 are currently in operation.

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A Temple Chaser at the House

For anyone who is interested...I will be at the Temple this Saturday at 9:00 am.  I would love to take some pictures of fellow Chasers for the blog.

Also, I'm looking for your thoughts as well.

Will you answer this question for me?

What does having a temple in Kansas City mean to me?

You can either type up your answer and bring it to me on Saturday or you may email it to me at

Also, don't forget to watch or listen to as much of General Conference as you can this weekend!  I look forward to hearing the words of our Prophet. I will be listening for things pertaining to Temples, in particular. What will you be listening for?

Until Saturday....

I'll be right here....

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Letter to Moroni

Photographer extraordinaire and fellow Temple Chaser has written a letter to the newest occupant of the east spire of the Kansas City Temple....Mr. Moroni.

Go here to read it!

I will be in Kansas City on March 31st - April 4th.  I would be happy to meet any fellow Chasers at the temple so I can take your picture and collect your experiences.  Please let me know if you are interested in setting up a time.

I'll be seeing you...and Moroni soon!


Saturday, March 26, 2011

Who Shall Ascend?

Watch Moroni's ascension through beautiful photographs taken and edited by the talented duo of, Aubre and Eran Barnhart.

You can find more of their work at

Thanks to the Barnharts for sharing their talents with us!


Friday, March 25, 2011

Angel Moroni now atop new Mormon temple in KC, North -

Angel Moroni now atop new Mormon temple in KC, North -

Local newspaper article link.

Wish I could have been there to hear the crowd cheer.

Fellow Moroni Witness Account

Words and photos from Emily Burneson, member of the Platte City Stake, Platte City, Missouri...

"I woke the boys at 6:30 am this morning.  They slowly and reluctantly poured out of bed, wondering why I would insist that they get up and dressed so early.  "Today is the day we get our angel!", I proclaimed.  Daniel jumped out of bed and hurried to get dressed.  Darren heard the noise and was ready to join the action.  Dallin took his time."

"We were off just after 7am, headed for the Kansas City LDS Temple site.  Today they would place the statue of the angel Moroni on top of the East spire.  By 7:30 am I was parked at a little alcove on the East side of the temple.  Accompanied by both close and new friends, we watched the green tarp come off the statue."

"We had at least an hour in the van with little or no action around Moroni.  I decided we'd make the most of this time together and pull out our scriptures.  We recently finished the Doctrine and Covenants and began reading the Pearl of Great Price at Daniel's request.  This morning as we awaited the rising of an angel, we poured over the second chapter of Moses.  What a fantastic thing to read at the temple!  This was the story of the creation of Earth and the heaven around it.  The boys seemed more interested than usual as we spoke of the lights in the firmament, the beasts, and the fouls.  We found ourselves really studying the verses, not just reading them. It was a gigantically spiritual experience.  I am thankful that they were reverent enough to allow that all to happen."

"The sides of the crate were soon lowered.  It was at this point that we took a stroll to get a closer look of that beautiful statue."

"The statue stood still on it's side until 25 minutes after 10 am when the beautiful golden image of Moroni was lifted vertically into it's place atop the Eastern spire.  It was a cloudy day with a cold breeze. The slightest bit of sunlight peeked through as the statue was lifted, lighting it just enough to make it really stand out from the gloomy backdrop.  I was surprised how perfectly shiny and golden it was.  It was such a brilliant thing to behold."

"Watching it rise was a more powerful experience than I expected.  I kept reminding my boys that this was history in the making.  I reminded each of them what age they were the day Moroni topped the Kansas City Temple.  I think I will keep reminding them so that they'll always have this special experience in their minds.  My video recording is shaky thanks to the wind, the zoom, and the little one on my hip who was really done being cold. Yet, I did manage to get some pretty great stills of the event. There was a good-sized crowd in attendance and a joyous roar was heard among them as the statue met its final place atop the spire.  I'm so glad to have been a part of it."

"My love for this temple runs far and deep.  I have a passion for the temple because of the sacred ordinances that are performed therein.  I am grateful for the blessings of the temple that seal my family to me for eternity.  This temple makes my heart especially full as I think of the opportunity that the open house will bring. As Mormon temples are closed to the public after dedication, many dear friends and family members have never set food inside such a beautiful house of the Lord.  When a new temple is built, an Open House welcomes the public to tour the building and learn about what takes place within these walls.  My children who are not yet old enough to participate in temple ordinances will be able to enter the Kansas City Temple for the open house.  We will be able to show them first hand the kind of altar we kneel at, the dual mirrors that offer the image of eternity, and the Celestial room which offers an atmosphere of heaven.  I can't wait to share it!"

"I am pleased to learn that construction is ahead of schedule and that the temple may be completed as early as the end of the year.  The day will not come soon enough."

Thank you Emily for sharing your experience of the great occasion of the lifting of Moroni with us!

Temple Chasing blesses us all!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Goodnight Moroni

As Moroni was tucked in twilight for his first evening on the Kansas City Temple, I took a moment to reflect on the events of the day.

What a day.

Goodnight Moroni.

And as this glorious, momentous day comes to a close this is also the time to clean up and prepare for the events that lie ahead.

I have been asked, from several different sources, to please ask the Temple Chasers to be courteous, considerate and respectful to the temple lot and building site.  As far as I know there have been no problems other than exuberant chasers wanting a close shot of this beloved House of the Lord.  There have been a couple of instances where visitors have inappropriately parked their car on the streets inside the temple lot which has created some difficulty of obstruction for the contractors.  They are asking us to be careful and observe a fair amount of distance from the lot itself.  Be careful that we do not trespass through secure areas and bear in mind that this is a contract site, with dangers and liabilities.

The Temple Chaser in me wants us all to have and take every opportunity that we can as individuals and families, to witness the building of the Kansas City Temple.  In my excitement, I hope that I do not convey that it is appropriate to hinder or disrupt the construction process.  I would also never wish for any Chaser to do anything inappropriate or illegal.  Please allow for a wide berth around the temple lot and be cautious as you park your cars on the busy streets in the surrounding areas.  I would be devastated if there were any injuries reported on account of Temple Stalking!

Although I can hardly contain myself, I must acknowledge that we should be wise and prudent in our Temple Chasing.  May I remind you, that there are plenty of photos online for you to enjoy, should you feel apprehension at approaching the temple site.  However, please partake of the spirit of this project when and if you can.  Perhaps, just not every day.

Also, we are all very excited and looking forward to the Temple Run being held on April 30th.  I understand that there are t-shirts available for purchase. These will make an excellent souvenir of the occasion. I am told that there may or may not be an opportunity to purchase t-shirts the day of the race.  Because of that, I encourage you to purchase a t-shirt immediately, while it is still a for sure possibility.  Now, that being said, there is a small possibility that they will be available that day but you would definitely not have the choices in sizes as you would by ordering directly. If you were planning on waiting until race day, I would say that would not be a safe idea.

You may order t-shirts here.

I am anxious to hear about your experiences of chasing the Kansas City Temple.  I enjoy reading your thoughts and testimonies.  They are powerful and can serve as a testifying witness to us all of the importance of attending and being worthy to attend temples.  As we are all preparing for the day when this temple's doors will be open to us, we should all align our lives with the principles that keep us pure to enter in.  Your stories and instances of feeling the Spirit bolsters my testimony as well as many others.  Please feel free to email me your thoughts.  And if you have accompanying photos, we would love those too.  Use this occasion as a teaching opportunity for your families and children and then report your successes back to us all.  That way we can all be edified.
There will be miracles.  I have already seen some of them.  I am watching for more.

Thank you to those who have contributed photographs, stories and ideas.  There can't be only one Chaser and I am grateful for the eyes, ears and hands that have been lent to this undertaking.  With thousands of eyes all over the world watching through you, it is truly a blessing.

Good night Temple Chasers and good night again, Moroni. I will be seeing you in a week.


Moroni's Arrival

Awaiting his ride to the top...

The spire being prepared to receive Moroni..

Stunning Moroni...on his way...

Love the line of fellow Temple Chasers!!


 And up...

 And up...

"Whoso believeth in God might with surety of hope for a better world, yea, even a place at the right hand of God, which hope cometh of faith, maketh an anchor to the souls of men, which would make them sure and steadfast, always abounding in good works, being led to glorify God."

Go here for an excellent article about the Prophet Moroni.

"You and I can not only survive but prevail, as did Moroni, in our efforts to stand for truth in perilous times."
~Susan W. Tanner

He is remarkable, this is a wonder and a blessing....a great day to be remembered and to be a Temple Chaser.

I look forward to hearing about your experience this day.

Thank you Valerie Anderson for these photos!


Last Look

Here's a last look at the temple appearing as it was yesterday.  As of today, a new adornment will reshape it's outline.

Hopefully, all will go well.
Hopefully as many Chasers as would like to be there, will be.

Be sure to read the notice found here.

And keep a prayer in your heart that the winds will be favorable and that your photos will be clear!

I wish I could be there to feel the spirit of this great event.  But I will be, through your experiences, videos and photos.  Please share them with me!


Wednesday, March 23, 2011


This from Rick Satterfield of
We have been asked to pass along this information....

"Please consider carefully your attendance at the Moroni raising for the
Kansas City Missouri Temple. I have a received an e-mail from a concerned
organizer of the event who has provided some cautions: (1) the event is not
to be publicized due to logistics and traffic concerns and (2) streets near
the temple will be blocked off, making observation of the proceedings

All photos were taken today by Val Anderson, showing west spire complete with finial

Good luck Chasers!



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