Sunday, August 30, 2009

Prepare Ourselves

This video is a beautiful message to help our Young Women (and Young Men or anyone applicable) to prepare to attend the temple. It would benefit us all to live a life of virtue so that we may always have His Spirit and His blessings of attending, partaking, and serving in the temple.

The symbol of virtue, white and purity are synonomous with the Temple. Let us seek after these things.

Friday, August 28, 2009


I got a tip from a fellow spotter to go see some action at the temple site today...located close to 68th and Searcy intersection...
So, it's not fact, the machinery is unmanned, but it's still action!
Speaking of action. I've set up a once-a-month Relief Society Temple Chasers trip to Winter Quarter's. I'll be there on September 25th, at noon. You're welcome to meet me there. Come introduce yourself as a fellow Chaser...see you there...I'll be dressed in white. :)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

130th Temple

The dedication of the Oquirrh Mountain Utah Temple has been taking place this weekend and will conclude today. I am so excited for those saints who live in close proximity to this temple. Even though there are many temples in Utah, it is still wonderful to be able to live so close to one. Did you know this is the 13th temple to be built in Utah? I tried naming them all the other day and I came up to 12...I missed the Monticello Temple. See if you can name them all...
St. George
Mt. Timpanogas
Oquirrh MT.
Jordan River
Salt Lake City
To celebrate the newest temple dedication, have a Family Home Evening discussing temples and see how many Utah temples your family knows!

And I think what I'm most excited for is this picture.. taken on Friday the 21st, just a couple of days ago. Can't you just see our Prophet dedicating the Kansas City Temple??? I envy those who are in attendance in Utah but I know our time will come when the doors to our very own temple will be opened and we will witness the dedication of His Holy House right here in our own city.

Please let me be there when that day comes!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Blog worthy news

I love that the church public affairs department has put together a blog!
I'm looking forward to receiving current info this way. As always, I will continue to strive to keep up to date on our temple.

Speaking of from

This morning the City Plan Commission met to approve a final plat,
named The Meadows at Searcy Creek, on about 28.8 acres generally
located at the northwest corner of NE Pleasant Valley Road and I-435
in District R-5 and R-1a to allow the creation of 25 lots.

District R-5, a district for high apartments, was recently established
at this location to allow for the height of the Kansas City Missouri
Temple and an adjoining meetinghouse. District R-1a is a district for
one-family dwellings.

Submission of a final plat is one of the conditions set forth in the
preliminary Community Unit Project recently passed by the City Council
for the entire 56-acre development where the temple will be located.
Some site preparations are already underway.

Although no date has been announced for the groundbreaking of the
temple, it is anticipated to occur in the spring of 2010.

Warm regards,

Rick Satterfield

You better believe I'll be checking on the "site preparations" very soon. One thing I noticed awhile back was that there are large power lines that cross directly over the center of the property that will need to be moved or buried. I'm assuming that will happen soon then later. We shall see! Still looking out for more blog worthy news!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

And some more...

On Thursday, July 30, a resolution and two ordinances needed to permit construction of the Kansas City Missouri Temple went before the Kansas City Council. The Council adopted the resolution and passed the two ordinances on to the next phase of the approval process.

During the Planning and Zoning Committee meeting the day before, the project representatives noted that the Church wished to begin site construction by the end of this year with construction on the temple beginning likely in April or May of next year, though no groundbreaking date has been announced. Please follow the link below to watch video of the proceedings.


You really ought to watch the is fascinating and you will have a great view of the proposed temple site. Now we can imagine what it will be like!!


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