Monday, October 20, 2008


If you decide you want to check out the temple site, you might want to heed the sign...Several times I've ignored this sign and crossed over onto the "private property", for investigational purposes of course, and every time I do, I wonder when the police will stop by to cuff me and haul me off. Well today's payment for exploration was being scared have to death by a fuzzy bunny and a Blue Racer SNAKE...yes snake. I can't believe I've been more concerned about the cops than the wildlife! Tip of the day: Do not ignore posted warning signs and lurk about forbidden fields in flip flops.

Also, I'm working on a top secret temple chaser project for my seminary class.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

My Reservation

As part of my daily trip to the temple site, yes I already know I'm crazy, the other day I noticed someone dropped off their well used, 70's era, Naugahyde, lounge chair right next to the temple site. It's not unusual to find applicances and furniture dropped off in random areas here in the midwest, but I did think it was a bit funny to find this chair poised to have a front row seat to witnessing the rising of the temple. When it was still there today, I figured maybe that seat should be reserved. So...I reserved it. My temple spotter buddies brought me back to have my picture taken, to ensure my reservation.

All kidding aside, it is very beautiful here right now. You should come, you really should.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

7 minutes

Is what it takes for me to get from my garage to the temple site. And...that's even obeying the speed limit.

Monday, October 13, 2008


The weekend was a buzz with info on the new temple. I kept getting emails like crazy! Liberty Stake (the stake the temple will be in) had their stake conference this past weekend so there was more detail given and lots more excitement!
The entrance to this piece of property is in my last photo with the lightpost.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Will the temple look like...

this?I heard somewhere that the temple may look like the Twin Fall's temple and approx. 33,000 square feet. We'll see...

Friday, October 10, 2008

99.9% sure

After verifying some facts with people who are "in the know" and observing some things...I'm pretty sure I've found where the temple will be. It's not where I originally thought it would be nor will it be to many people. But when you see it, you will know why. It's perfect. I guess we'll just have to wait and see now.

Thursday, October 9, 2008


No...the temple location has not been announced...and I'm sure it's not best to speculate. Hey...I'm not speculating...I'm actually out here trying to find the temple!

A storm chaser uses data, information, sightings, maps and all kinds of resources to capture that one opportunity that leads them to new discovery about the nature of storms, how to protect people and property, dramatic footage and new collections of useful data.

Acting on a "tip" (for investigational purposes, of course) last night, I ventured out today in beautiful fall weather to explore another area of the Shoal Creek Development that I had not previously chase the new temple. I went to the most southern tip, nestled in the corner between I435 and Shoal Creek Parkway. There is the most amazing piece of land, known in the development maps as the "commons". It has easy access to both I435 and Hwy 152 and it is in this corner that the first of the proposed "gates" have begun to be built with it's accompanying round-about. There is a bridge that runs over the Shoal Creek and the land is open and high enough to be seen for miles around.

Who knows...well, besides the First Presidency and the Lord, where the temple will end up being? Eventually my "chase" to find the temple lot will be over. I've been asked if that's all I want to know is... where the temple is? When you find the temple, will you give up chasing? Nope. I believe we should all be chasing the temple...always. Attending the temple should be one of our goals and we should never give up in the chase and search to find time to go, to keep our recommends current, to be prepared for whatever privileges and blessings we may be able to enjoy in one of the Lord's sacred Houses. I have been warned that there might not be a ground-breaking until spring which could very well mean we won't know where the temple will be located until then. It doesn't matter to me...I'm a Temple Chaser...and always will be.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Temple for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Announced

On Saturday Oct. 4th at approx. 11:20 am, I heard the prophet as he announced 5 new temples to be built. As he read through the list I held my breath, almost knowing what he would say...a temple to be built in the "Greater Kansas City area". I erupted. I screamed for my family and I've been shaking ever since.
Like many people in this area, I felt like my prayers have been answered. I have since felt a deep desire to be involved and have been praying that I might know what I could do show how grateful I am and how I could involve others. Yesterday we read on the church website, where the temple is to be built.
Without giving specifics, the area known as Shoal Creek is a development about 3-5 miles east of my home.
"For the temple serving the greater Kansas City area, the site will be in Clay County, Missouri, on residential land within the Kansas City limits that is already being developed by the Church. The development is known as Shoal Creek."

As for now, we do not know the exact location and we will continue to wait patiently to see where it will be built and what it will look like. In no way, am I claiming to know the exact location yet and I will eagerly wait to know.

I decided to create this blog as a way for me to track, watch and share the progress of the temple. Since the announcement just a few days ago, it has become apparent that I would use the up the available memory of my personal blog rapidly and I came to the idea that my temple posts deserved their own forum.

I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This blog in no way is affiliated with the Church itself and I do not claim to be an official spokesperson for the Church either. I am not a president nor am I the boss...applesauce. I am a lowly early morning seminary teacher who is just passionate, enthusiastic and grateful that we will soon have a temple so close to home and want to share this experience for my own historical purposes as well as with my friends, family and anyone who else is interested. I needed an outlet for this overwhelming feeling and desire to be involved in the process of documenting the progress of this temple being built. I am by no means a computer genius, nor do I profess to know all about the world of blogging. I can assure you that I will make mistakes and begin apologizing now for my grammar and spelling. I am by no means, a literary genius. I'm sure there are many who are more qualified and could certainly do more justice to the journey I'm about to take. I will update as frequently as possible and will undoubtedly make changes to this blog as I learn more and progress with my mad blogging skills. My ultimate dream would be to assist in decorating the interior of a temple. I will be satisfied with being able to take my amateur photos and post them for my future posterity. Please feel free to leave comments. I realize this may open myself up for hostilities and will adjust the security of the blog as I feel needed.

I have always been drawn to the Shoal Creek area and frequently take drives there during the day to be inspired by great architecture and scenery. Since yesterday, I've been there twice and have taken many photos of portions of the development and it's surrounding areas. I've also researched online and found many useful maps and articles that will assist others in becoming familiar with this soon to be busy, busy area.
What I can tell you, is what I know. The Shoal Creek Valley Development is beautiful and currently under construction in many areas. It is everything you would imagine a location of a temple to be. There are some residential subdivisions with beautiful homes, there is convenient shopping and yet still wide open spaces. Much of the land is covered in large bales of hay or grazing cattle.

There is even in fact, a hill where from the top you can see the skyline of downtown Kansas City as well as the far surrounding areas, including the RLDS or Community of Christ temple in Independence. It is truly a breathtaking view and unique to Kansas City where there aren't many high vistas from which to see far around. In this area of the world, we have people who actually monitor storms and tornadoes. They are called "storm chasers". I have dubbed myself a "temple chaser".


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