Monday, April 11, 2011

Dear "K"

An open letter to our new friend K:

K, we met this evening at the Kansas City Temple site at sunset.  Hopefully you will see this post.

I was there taking photographs with my daughter, who sat patiently in the little green truck sometimes for over an hour, in the still of the evening, listening to the birds chirp and the stillness of the temple site.  I know on the outside she looked like a typical teenager texting her friends, but on the inside, I know she was feeling the peace the being on the temple grounds. 

That is why she tags along sometimes.

K, I waited over an hour for the sunset.  The clouds were wonderful.  They had all the promise of fiery oranges.  The kind you can create on some Photoshop program but it just doesn’t have the feel of real.  I was excited.

Although, now I realize I didn’t come to the temple tonight to see just the clouds.  

I had a feeling.  As this afternoon moved into evening tonight, I said to my family, “I have to go.”  It was such a strong feeling that I knew I should be there.  Especially tonight.

The clouds were poised, and the “sunset show” was about to begin. 

Then the wind came.

That darn wind showed up and blew my potentially fiery orange accent clouds away.  I was so disappointed.

I thought to myself, “Self, should I go home?  The clouds are gone, and there is nothing left here to photograph.”  But something inside me said “stay.”

Then you and your husband pulled up.

Your camera is smaller than mine, and you couldn’t get anything but dark for your images.  You asked about mine…where were they going to end up?  Perhaps on the internet?  “My friend and I do a blog…here is our card (with the site address)” I replied.

We started to visit and we figured out that we are neighbors.  Our homes are only a few streets apart.  I asked you what ward you were in.  You aren’t.  You are not a member of our church.

I have met several people at the temple grounds who come for different reasons.  Many of them are walking, enjoying the peaceful stroll.  Most are LDS, but some are not. 

You had a “something special” about you.  Happy.  Bright.  Cheery.

You said something that my daughter and I will never forget.   That is why I am writing this letter to you. 

You said you were at home this evening.  And that God spoke to you and said “go to the temple right now.”  And you did.  And you found us.
As we closed our visit, I told you that the clouds I waited for had been blown away, but perhaps we had stayed for you.  You replied that we had done as God had wanted….for us to meet. 

K, we both did our part this evening.  I went to the temple to shoot pictures for the blog.  Those photographs are my way of sharing the power and wonder of God, His creations and His plan that I know to be true.  You heard God speak to you that you should come to the temple.  And you did as He asked.  What devotion and dedication on your part.  Trust.  I admire that.

I think that we could have talked for a good long while and shared our feelings about many things. I did not get the chance to tell you that I know that there is happiness that can be found on this Earth at this time.  I know that the temple being built so close to our homes is not just for the LDS people, but for all people who choose to partake of its peace.  A gift to all the people of this area.  Why wouldn’t it be?  We are all God’s children.

K, thank you for coming to join us at the temple this evening. 

God be with you until we meet again. 
Your new temple-chasing friends, Valerie and Aubrey


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