Saturday, April 2, 2011

Temple Chaser at the House!

It was a joy to be here today.

I am completely overcome with the beauty of this, the Lord's House.

I am grateful to those who were able to join us this morning.  What a glorious experience to share with fellow Temple Chasers.

More pictures to come soon...I promise!  We had photographers packing serious heat and I look forward to the photos from them to share.

Don't forget, get your submissions in to me.  I asked the question, "What does having a temple in Kansas City, mean to me?"

I LOVE to see the TEMPLE!



Kelli said...

It is so wonderful to see YOU and THE CHAIR both back! :)

patrick said...

ill be there tuesday night! @7pm ish, i love to see the temple, ill be going (inside there)someday.thank you for keeping up this blog so even i can feel the love at home!
Elder McCole

Molly said...

Is it okay to use your pictures on my own blog? I love the chair picture!

Dixie Mom said...

Molly, yes you can from this post in particular, since these are all photos from my own camera. I'm sure that we can get permission for you to use any other photos that you want as well.

When you post the it back to me so we can check it out on your blog.

Molly said...

Thanks! I've used a couple on It didn't even cross my mind to get permission. Let me know if I need to take down any that I've used. I'm posting your chair picture on my blog at

Thanks again!


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