Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Even as the second spire has been placed on the temple this morning, I am so impressed with how quickly the building has progressed.  It won't be long before Moroni, with trumpet in hand, will be raised and set on his east facing perch.

I am grateful for those workers who show up every day.  I am guessing that no matter what their belief or faith is, they too are grateful for the work.

By work we sustain and enrich life. It enables us to survive the disappointments and tragedies of the mortal experience. Hard-earned achievement brings a sense of self-worth. Work builds and refines character, creates beauty, and is the instrument of our service to one another and to God. A consecrated life is filled with work, sometimes repetitive, sometimes menial, sometimes unappreciated but always work that improves, orders, sustains, lifts, ministers, aspires.”

The 1st and 2nd spires are now on the temple.  I am working on getting those pictures on here. This life of work is such a blessing.


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