Wednesday, March 23, 2011

In'Spiring' Perspective

Words and photographic progression of the 2nd spire on the temple, from fellow Temple Chaser....Jolin Mahoney

"My husband had been to the temple just the morning before; neither of the spires had been placed on the temple.  We read on "Temple Chasers" of the spire being delivered along with the Angel Moroni.  This morning we had an appointment, since we were already going by the temple we knew we had to stop and try to catch a glimpse of the spires.  As we neared the temple we saw the crane...which was nothing new but what was new was that it was attached to the final spire...we got closer and realized beyond belief that we had happened upon a truly momentous occasion.  The last of the twin spires was transcending to it's prized spot on top of our beautiful temple.  I could not get out of the van fast enough. Camera in  hand I ran to catch the moment, to capture on film the breathtaking even-taking place.  I had prayed for this chance to photograph something remarkable, to be there with my camera so the Lord could take the picture.  I am forever grateful for this answer to prayer.  What a precious opportunity to forever hold in my hand and heart the day the last temple spire transcended toward heaven."


Thank you for sharing your experience with us Jolin!

It is my understanding that an important event may or may not occur between 1-3 at the temple lot today.  I am there in spirit.

Happy Temple Chasing!


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