Saturday, March 26, 2011

Who Shall Ascend?

Watch Moroni's ascension through beautiful photographs taken and edited by the talented duo of, Aubre and Eran Barnhart.

You can find more of their work at

Thanks to the Barnharts for sharing their talents with us!



Concerned women said...

Those are so amazing. Take mine off. I am embarrassed.

Heather said...


I'm bummed we were in Florida when it happened, I would have been there in an instant! What gorgeous pictures! I am just grateful that I was able to "see" it through the pictures.

I'm getting SO excited!!!

Eran said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Aubre B, Photography said...

Sorry, that was me up above, I was signed into the wrong account.

Thank you for your kind comments everyone, and especially for the hard work that everyone puts into this blog to keep it going! I'm sure it takes a lot of your time and I am SO grateful for the spirit of the temple and the spirit of excitement that this blog brings to those who look at it!! Its such a huge blessing that we are finally getting a temple here! I can't wait!! =OD


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