Thursday, March 24, 2011

Goodnight Moroni

As Moroni was tucked in twilight for his first evening on the Kansas City Temple, I took a moment to reflect on the events of the day.

What a day.

Goodnight Moroni.

And as this glorious, momentous day comes to a close this is also the time to clean up and prepare for the events that lie ahead.

I have been asked, from several different sources, to please ask the Temple Chasers to be courteous, considerate and respectful to the temple lot and building site.  As far as I know there have been no problems other than exuberant chasers wanting a close shot of this beloved House of the Lord.  There have been a couple of instances where visitors have inappropriately parked their car on the streets inside the temple lot which has created some difficulty of obstruction for the contractors.  They are asking us to be careful and observe a fair amount of distance from the lot itself.  Be careful that we do not trespass through secure areas and bear in mind that this is a contract site, with dangers and liabilities.

The Temple Chaser in me wants us all to have and take every opportunity that we can as individuals and families, to witness the building of the Kansas City Temple.  In my excitement, I hope that I do not convey that it is appropriate to hinder or disrupt the construction process.  I would also never wish for any Chaser to do anything inappropriate or illegal.  Please allow for a wide berth around the temple lot and be cautious as you park your cars on the busy streets in the surrounding areas.  I would be devastated if there were any injuries reported on account of Temple Stalking!

Although I can hardly contain myself, I must acknowledge that we should be wise and prudent in our Temple Chasing.  May I remind you, that there are plenty of photos online for you to enjoy, should you feel apprehension at approaching the temple site.  However, please partake of the spirit of this project when and if you can.  Perhaps, just not every day.

Also, we are all very excited and looking forward to the Temple Run being held on April 30th.  I understand that there are t-shirts available for purchase. These will make an excellent souvenir of the occasion. I am told that there may or may not be an opportunity to purchase t-shirts the day of the race.  Because of that, I encourage you to purchase a t-shirt immediately, while it is still a for sure possibility.  Now, that being said, there is a small possibility that they will be available that day but you would definitely not have the choices in sizes as you would by ordering directly. If you were planning on waiting until race day, I would say that would not be a safe idea.

You may order t-shirts here.

I am anxious to hear about your experiences of chasing the Kansas City Temple.  I enjoy reading your thoughts and testimonies.  They are powerful and can serve as a testifying witness to us all of the importance of attending and being worthy to attend temples.  As we are all preparing for the day when this temple's doors will be open to us, we should all align our lives with the principles that keep us pure to enter in.  Your stories and instances of feeling the Spirit bolsters my testimony as well as many others.  Please feel free to email me your thoughts.  And if you have accompanying photos, we would love those too.  Use this occasion as a teaching opportunity for your families and children and then report your successes back to us all.  That way we can all be edified.
There will be miracles.  I have already seen some of them.  I am watching for more.

Thank you to those who have contributed photographs, stories and ideas.  There can't be only one Chaser and I am grateful for the eyes, ears and hands that have been lent to this undertaking.  With thousands of eyes all over the world watching through you, it is truly a blessing.

Good night Temple Chasers and good night again, Moroni. I will be seeing you in a week.



Aubre B, Photography said...
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Eran said...

What is an email address that we can send pictures of the temple to? My email address is rockitimagery at gmail dot com

Thank you SO much!I love the blog updates!! =O)


Dixie Mom said...

Please send photos to:

Put info in the subject line indicating a relation to the Kansas City Temple so I will retrieve it from junk mail if it is diverted to that folder.


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