Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Return to Virtue

I love the General Young Women's President. She offers great counsel. As we are preparing to usher in the building of our own temple in this area, there is much we need to do.
She reminds us to "return to virtue". It is the way to prepare ourselves spiritually to enter into His Holy House.

This counsel not only applies to our youth but to all.

The new LDS website for youth is amazing. I have spent a lot of time perusing it's contents to give me counsel on how to help our youth. Go to
This site is filled with videos and links to so many resources that are uplifting and inspiring. I can't think of a better thing for our kids to be doing with their internet time then surfing this site.

Sis. Dalton gives an excellent analogy in this month's New Era, on how we can change and return to virtue. To read her article, go here.

Big things will be happening at the temple lot soon. Let's let big things happen in our own lives as we "return to virtue".

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