Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Not official

I'm not removing my artist rendering of the temple from my blog but I am letting you know that this is picture is not "official". Platte City Stake says they have no knowledge of this picture being released.
I think that is interesting since the first printed picture I found of it was in the Platte City Stake Center. Oh well.
I hope this picture is accurate though. It is beautiful.

My prayer is that we will have some information soon.


Travis Brinton said...

Since the end of Pr. Hinckley's massive temple building campaign (with the nearly identical 10,700-square-foot temples), the Church seems to have moved to building slightly larger temples, and sticking with one general style for about three to five temples before moving on. Think Lubbock (Monterrey; San Antonio; Redlands; etc.), Curitiba (Twin Falls; Vancouver; Manaus), and Panama City (Kyiv; San Salvador; Tegucigalpa).
So I'm thinking that now it's about time to move on to a new style, and the Church wants one that will also work for Brigham City, where the temple will be right next to an old pioneer tabernacle. The design can't clash with the pioneer architecture, so they came up with a design that's a throwback to Logan and Manti. Whether or not the Kansas City Temple ends up looking like the preliminary rendering, I wouldn't be surprised if the general concept of the Brigham City Temple were similar.

KC Mom said...

I think you may be right Travis. Thanks for stopping by! I really do love this rendering and I also agree that it looks "old" and new at the same time. It's timeless.

Travis Brinton said...

I think I've been vindicated! The design for the Brigham City Temple looks beautiful, and it looks like Philadelphia will also be similar.


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