Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Trial Chaser Video

I visited the temple lot today and made a short video. It moves fairly fast....I'm new at this temple chaser videography stuff.
Hope you don't get car sick on our trip today!

I really don't like any video of myself....but we do what we have to do when we're a Chaser.

I promise to get better at this!


aLi said...

That is awesome. Wouldn't that be cool if someone could have done that when the first temples were built? Salt Lake City, anyone?

Here at home said...

How exciting! Is it just me, or is that lot HUGE! Yay to know there is progress being made. It won't be long once they really get started!
Great filming, by the way.

Frosty said...

Love the video!

KC Mom said...

The lot IS huge...partially because there is a proposed meeting house and homes included in the development!

Shirl said...

From North Ogden UT

Thanks! That was really great. It's changed a lot from last June when I was there.

Quinn said...

Looks like a beautiful site for a temple--I can't wait to see how this develops. I like the idea for your blog too. I've never heard the term "temple chaser" before, but I love it. I live near the Oquirrh Mountain Temple, and I'd make excuses to drive by and check on the progress as it was being built. How exciting that you get to have that same opportunity in KC. Love it!


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