Monday, February 15, 2010

Hello Maryville Chasers

It was nice to meet some fellow Chasers in Maryville this weekend. Chasing is contagious. I was thinking about them yesterday and the distance they will have to travel to this temple. I think it will be almost the same distance for them to come here to KC as it is to Omaha. It's incredible to me how large our stake boundaries are.
Hello, Merryville....or Maryville!
Just thinking about you today.


Kelli said...

I was so sad that i missed seeing you. I love how you have dubbed us "Merry"ville! We are a cheerful group!!

KC Mom said...

Ha!! That wasn't on purpose, I'm sure you can tell! What's so funny is I even went to the church website to make sure I spelled it right and I still got it wrong.
Typical of me!
You are a merry bunch though! I enjoyed spending a moment up there this weekend.

Phogles said...

Oh, darn, I missed you, too! We like to joke about being Marryvillians...But I like Merryville, too!


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