Monday, May 7, 2012

No Words to Describe

Because words can't do justice to the excitement and gratitude that was felt at the Kansas City Temple Cultural Celebration...let the pictures speak for themselves.

I was thrilled to be able to watch some of this online that evening.  Thousands of hours of work went into making this event spectacular and memorable for thousands of youth.  For them to perform for the living Prophet of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, was a well deserved memory that none of them will forget any time soon.  Zion's youth love the Temple!

Thank you to those who sacrificed so much for the youth of this temple district.  Thank you to Valerie Anderson for these beautiful photos.



christian avila said...

Thank you so much for sharing this. These kind of events do rock.

traci said...

My niece and nephew both got to be a part of it. My sister described the event to me and said that she cried from the beginning until the end. I wish I could have been there!!

Elder Clay Roe said...
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Lorraine Roe said...

Sorry, I wanted to repost the comment under my name. Because of our "Elder Roe" blog, it made it look like he made the comment.
Speaking of "No words to describe" family spent an evening searching online for clips from the Cultural Celebration. We had the laptop hooked up to a bigger TV, gathered everyone around and watched everything that we could find. We were so interested because our son, Elder Roe, had told us that he had participated in the event. In his emails, he had described the event. I cried when I read his email. It sounded like an amazing experience. As we watched clips from LDS Newsroom and Youtube, we knew that spotting our missionary would be next to impossible, so we were just thrilled to watch such a spectacular event that he was able to be a part of. When the missionary melody began, and the youth parted down the middle for the missionaries to enter, tears streamed down my face. I thought about how blessed these missionaries were to be serving in this temple district and how they would be able to teach their investigators in this area and maybe one day, those families could enter into this beautiful temple and have an eternal family. At one point, we thought we saw a glimpse of Elder Roe, so we slowed it down and realized it was another Elder and maybe his family would spot him in the crowd. As we finished watching everything we could find, we all went our separate ways in the house. About 30 minutes later, my husband calls us back in to the heart started racing because he called us with urgency in his voice. When I entered the room, I saw on the TV a picture from your blog. It was my son, his companion and his two zone leaders. I could not believe my eyes! It was absolutely amazing to me that my husband stumbled upon your blog AND out of over 200 missionaries, our missionary was in one of your photos! I had not seen a picture of my son in a very long time. I just stood there and cried. It was the night before Mother's Day....the best one ever. The next day, I was able to talk to him. He called us from a members home and they allowed him to look up your blog and see the picture. He remembered having his picture taken. He again told us about the Cultural Celebration and how amazing the experience was. Thank you so much for having this blog. Our family loved all of the pictures, although we have our favorite! We consider this one our many tender mercies. Sincerely, Lorraine Roe

Murph said...

That is so cool!
My kids got to be in the program when the Oquirrh Mountain Temple was built. It is something they will always remember.


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