Thursday, May 10, 2012

A 'Win-win' day at the Temple

"Kathy Lyon and I attended the temple today.  Together.  At 11am.

A six minute drive from my house.

The parking lot was packed.

We took some shots to capture it.

I am in the black might not recognize me without my housecoat. :)

We met the Matron.  She was younger than I guessed she would be.

We did our work, which was special.  Quiet. Meditative.

I prayed about my sick son.  And my direction in life and where should that path go.

I cried for happiness because I had a tender experience, tailored just for me.

As we were walking out, an older couple stopped us and asked us to take their picture.  They revealed, they had just been sealed.  "We've waiting a long time", they said.

As we got in the car, this cool bumper sticker was on the car next to us.

We ARE all winners.  My husband calls the gospel of Jesus Christ a "win-win" plan.

And I believe it."~ Valerie

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