Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Temple Story

Here is one family's story of their journey in the gospel:

These are friends, Tom and Val.
Tom was diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Because Tom had a "bucket list", he wanted to complete before he passed away, he decided to get a new hot rod engine from this guy...

Meet Dave, a rock star in the hot rod custom car world.  
There was something he felt from Tom and Val.  A peace, he calls it.

Meet Dave's lovely wife, Carol.
They all became friends.
No, friends isn't really the right word for it.
It is more like "family".

Dave and Carol decided to be baptized.

Dave, Carol, Val and her family, Tom and his family all went to do baptisms in the Winter Quarters Temple.

Dave, Carol, Tom and his family all came to see the statue of Brother Angel Moroni when he arrived in town at the Kansas City Temple.  Tom's health grew weaker.

After his valiant battle on Earth ended, Tom passed away.
He was escorted to his burial home, know it...the Camaro.  Which, by the way, Dave and Carol now own.

This is yesterday, May 12th, 2012, the first Saturday the Kansas City Temple was ever opened for ordinance work.

Dave and Carol were endowed and sealed.

Surrounded by so many who love them.  An extended family.

Tom was not there with us in body, but his spirit was felt by more than one in the room.

We are so thankful for the gospel of Jesus Christ and His eternal plan.



Anonymous said...

A wonderful story of real friendship and brotherly love and the intent of the gospel. This is a living testimony of the power of love and the principles of the gospel. Ike Ferguson

traci said...

This is the BEST story! I love it so much. And I love so many in that picture. I remember being in the Nauvoo Temple when the Kissingers were sealed. That was another awesome day that I will never forget. How amazing that you could be there (and Tom, too)!!!!


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