Sunday, May 20, 2012

Kansas City Temple Book

(simulated cover)

Or go here to purchase a copy of a beautiful book of more than 150 full-color, glossy pages of stunning professional photographs, including the history of the surrounding area as well as the building and events concerning the Kansas City Temple.

Hurry though, the deadline for orders is June 15, 2012!


Chad said...

Who created this book? There is no information on the website about authors, editors, or the publisher.

The PayPal order screen lacks any information on the publisher and beneficiary as well.

The book also is printing copyrighted material. All images released by the Church of the temple are subject to IRI Terms of Use, and reprinting for profit is certainly outside the acceptable use. They cannot the author/publisher from printing the book, but they can sue for damages and copyright infringement after one copy is sold and printed.

I would want the book and website to show who the author, editor, photographers, and publisher are as well as state that necessary licensing and rights to reproduction have been secured before I would consider purchasing this book.

Dixie Mom said...

Chad, I don't know if my info will help you but I can tell you that this book is being made by the Liberty Stake with the Church's permission. A committee was created to gather photos and info. Every photo and article was required to have a release for permission of use signed through the Church as well. I know, because I had to sign one myself and it is still sitting here on my desk. There is no profit being made on this book. The price is the price of printing.
I do agree, more information is needed on the website for it.

Dixie Mom said...

There is also a 'contact' tab on the webpage. I would suggest that anyone with questions ought to just email them!

Chad said...

Great. That's what I was wondering. Putting the story of how the images were gathered would be a good thing to add to the website. Thank you.

The Valsy said...

The deadline was extended to June 25th.


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