Sunday, April 29, 2012

Visiting Aunt Carol's "Castle Church"

"My six year old nephew, Peyton, attends a church of a different faith that is close by our temple.  Each Sunday morning, his family would drive by Aunt Carol's "castle church".  He frequently commented to his mother that "Aunt Carol's church must know more about God, because they get to go to church in a castle and we just have a stupid old building."  As soon as the open house dates for the temple were announced, I offered to take him inside the castle.  Peyton began to count down the days."

"We arrived at the temple site and Peyton was ready.  He was first in line right next to the tour guide.  On the walk over, he noticed the flowers and the man "guarding" the fence when we walked in.  He thought the booties were a great idea to keep the carpet clean, but he did wonder why we didn't just take our shoes off, since that is what he does at home."

"And then we stepped inside...Peyton's beautiful blue eyes were big and full of wonder as he looked around.  He stretched on his toes to touch the registration desk.  As we made our way through the temple, he knelt to touch the carpet in every room.  He sat in many chairs and sometimes touched a table, a curtain or ever so gently put his finger on the leaf of a flower."

"He had most of the questions about the Baptistry because he has never seen a baptism.  We had quite a lively discussion about why we get baptized and what it looks like to be in the water!"

"He regretfully gave up his booties when we exited the temple.  As we walked away, he practiced saying Moroni's name so he could wave to him from now on, when he drove by."

"We were enjoying our cookies in the Cultural Hall and I asked Peyton; "What do you think of the castle?" His reply; "It's good, but it's too bad you only get to go there for special stuff."

"Through the eyes of a child, he has learned that the temple is for "special stuff".  I hope one day that I can teach him more about how "special" that stuff really is."

Carol Tallant

Carol's experience reminded me of a song I used to sing as a child called Palaces and Temples.

Every Prince and Princess has a palace, cause I've seen them in my picture books.
Buildings so magnificent, and dazzling that people come to take a look.
I don't have a palace. 
I'm not royalty.
But I'm a Child of God.
And there are places even lovelier than palaces for me.

They are Holy Temples to the Lord.
They are for those Saints who live His word.
And when I'm a little bit older,
I'll understand even more,
Why a temple is a palace to the living God.
And just what temples are for.  

Music and Lyrics by Janeen Brady

Thank you for sharing your experience Carol.  I know there are many more stories about the open house from other Temple Chasers.  If you are interested in sharing them, let me know.

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seashmore said...

Thank you both for sharing this story. Simply touching.


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