Wednesday, April 18, 2012

My turn to tour

I'm not sure how to even put my experience into words.

From the moment the tour guide pushed play on the video until I got back in the car to leave the open house, I couldn't contain my emotions.

The olive branch motifs, the crystal chandeliers, the arched doors to the sealing rooms, the marble base boards, the subtle soft color scheme, the door hinges, the gold leaf over the font, the barrel ceilings in the celestial room, the feeling...all as spectacular as a House of the Lord ought to be.

I was completely overcome when I saw the mural in the "instruction room". It was absolutely perfect.  I felt it in my soul.

The ingenious layout.

The symbolism in design.

The intimacy and yet grandeur.

And topping it off, we were able to see friends while we were touring.  I had a brief glimpse into what heaven must be like and being in the presence of our Father and families and friends who have already passed on.

There is a special feeling in and around the area of the temple.  Good things are happening and many more will come.

I'm so grateful that I could go see the temple.  My visit brought peace beyond comprehension.  It brought closure.  It brought contentment and gratitude beyond measure. My baby was able to see and feel the Spirit of the temple for herself, a memory I will always treasure.

I will always be a...


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Heather said...

Oh CHeryl, you summed up my thoughts so well when I have been able to work there! I can't even describe the emotions and spiritual contentment I feel when I am inside...and it isn't even dedicated yet!

Love this post! LOVE IT!


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