Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Fit for the Open House

Only a few days left before the doors of the Kansas City Temple open to the public.

Have you made your reservation?

Have you invited your friends and neighbors?

Have you prepared yourself spiritually, to receive inspiration regarding people you can share the message of eternal families with?

While Temple Chasers have been preparing to attend the Kansas City Temple, hard work has been going on inside and out to prepare for you!

I can't help but think of those early pioneer-members of the Church and how excited they must be as well.

A  Temple fit for an Open House.  A Temple fit to be the House of the Lord.  Are we fit to receive the blessings of the temple?  

We would love to hear about your experiences at the Kansas City Temple Open House.

Have joy.  This is a blessed time to be a Chaser.


seashmore said...

Our bishop's wife got tickets for our YSA ward next Saturday afternoon. Some of us are going to stop in Adam Ondi-Ahman on the way home. One of my non-member friends said she'd come with us if she had the day available. I'm really praying hard that she does. I just know how much she especially could benefit from an understanding of eternal families.

Michelle said...

We are driving nearly 9 hours from south of Little Rock, AR, to come and let our children be inside the temple. We leave tomorrow morning and attend on Sat afternoon. So excited!! Thank you for this wonderful blog. I have loved "watching" the temple be built, and looked forward to this weekend so much!


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