Thursday, May 12, 2011

"He Spoke to Me in the Temple"

This is a beautiful post about a woman who has had her own sacred experience in the temple that she would like to share.  She wishes to remain anonymous.

"The date was Saturday, February 14, 2009 - the day that mankind has designated to express our love.  I like to think that the Lord chose this day to reach out and express to me His love.  But more likely, it was probably me that had a softened mindset on this day and allowed myself to feel of His love.  Either way, the actual calendar date was about the furthest thing from my mind.  At that point in my life I was measuring time in one of two ways:  the number of days since my miscarriage (315), or even worse, the number of days since my husband and I had felt inspired to start our family (444).

The location was the endowment room of the Winter Quarter's Temple.  In each of the preceding months I had dedicated my monthly temple attendance to a time of prayer and pleading that the Lord would bless my bowels, that they would be fruitful.  It was almost as though I naively believed that I could choose the blessings I received for my temple attendance.  But something, I'm still not sure what, made this temple visit different.  My thoughts weren't consumed with thoughts of infertility.  I was genuinely allowing myself to enjoy the spirit of the temple.

Seemingly out of nowhere a voice came to me.  It was a male voice, spoken in actual words, phrased in a complete and coherent sentence.  He called me by name and said, "__________, it is going to be a while, but it is going to be alright."

I was immediately overcome with a literal feeling of warmth.  I realized that I had spent so much time pleading for a pregnancy that I never took the time to listen to what the Lord had to tell me.  This was my answer.  It obviously wasn't the answer I was seeking, but it was my answer nevertheless.  Those simple 14 words assured me that the Lord had heard my prayers, He understood my pains and my desires, He had a specific plan for me, His plan had a timeline, and His plan would bring me much joy and happiness.  This feeling of comfort and faith empowered me with the strength I needed to face a life where friends and family and coworkers all seemed to be having babies, and I seemed to be getting left out.

It has now been over two years since February 14, 2009, and the strength I originally gleaned from His words is starting to wear thin.  Yet I cannot deny that He did in fact speak to me.  So whenever I find myself looking only at the Lord's promise that "it is going to be awhile", I remind myself that the Lord spoke an even greater promise to me that day.  He promised that, "it is going to be alright.""

Thank you for sharing your sweet experience with us.

The blessings of the temple await us all.



Kiera said...

oops... eventually we are gifted the righteous
desires of our hearts.

Kiera said...

What a great share. I truly believe we can be directed as well as comforted while we are in the House of the Lord. I't may take awhile but eventually

Erin said...

Do you mind if I use this picture for a handout for my YW? I would be glad to give you credit. Thanks! If not, I understand. It is so beautiful!


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