Tuesday, May 17, 2011

From Beginning...to Now

Valerie put together a video of photos that she and I have taken up to this point in the construction process of the Kansas City Temple.




Emily said...

Thanks Val. You brought heaven into my home tonight. What an emotional journey! How anxious I am to go in!

Margie and Mark said...

Wow, not gonna lie, I was a weepy mess throughout this clip! What a beautiful documentation of the temple's progress. I can only imagine the emotions of those who will be in attendance at the open house/dedication.

Rich and Ashley Brandt said...

After a long, lonely and depressing day here in Iraq I stumbled upon your spiritual uplifting slideshow. Thank you! It brought a lot of gratitude to my heart for all that the gospel has done for me in my life. I also know that one day Iraq will have its opportunity as well. Thank you again, that was interesting to see and good choice of song.


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