Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Moving Right Along...

It's amazing to me how quickly things are progressing on the temple right now.  I want to soak up each and every picture I see because I know once those walls are enclosed, we won't be able to see the work being done on the inside.

Photos by Valerie Anderson, taken December 27, 2010

The detailing is stunning.  The slab placement is impressive.  And the rapid pace is just downright exciting.
This experience is bittersweet.  I'm missing out.  But I'm gladdened by the increase of attention and draw to the Temple from fellow chasers.

It's good to be chasing the Temple.

My hope is that everyone will be Chasing Temples wherever they may be.


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Dennis and Cherise said...

What an Exciting time to be a Temple Chaser; I too, Cheryl, am saddened that we are not physically there to witness the events unfolding. Thank goodness for wonderful Temple Chaser who are willing to share their pictures. We are going to the Vancouver, BC, Canada Temple tomorrow. I am so excited since that Temple was just dedicated back in May.


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