Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Morning has broken

It's a glorious day here at the temple lot.
Even with 6 degree temperatures. There is no wind and the light dusting of snow is brilliant in the sun.Last night I heard that JeDunn, a large construction company here in the Metro, has been awarded the construction of the temple.
I couldn't help but drive over this morning and see if they've posted a sign yet. Uh no.
Mr. Dunn sir, I would love for you to get all the advertising you can so get yer sign up speedy! And could you be so kind as to post a schedule of construction. Ah yes, I know, you don't do that for all yer clients, but this is special you see. Yer building the House of the Lord, dontcha know??! You'd think they'd be wanting to stick up a sign announcing to all the world..look at us...we're temple builders! Not everyone shares my enthusiasm I s'pose. But, if it were MY company, I'd be purdy darn excited.
So anyway, I also heard...that pre-construction is scheduled to begin in March with groundbreaking to take place in June. Sounds nifty and fine to me. I'd like to see some action over there.
You can start with a SIGN!
Where on earth did I get the accent from this morning?...I think I just like saying JeDunn...that's J-E-Dunn...roll that off your mouth a few times and see if you don't develop an accent for yerself.


Natalie said...

Im a hopin' ya get yer sine up thar quick as litenin.

Dennis and Cherise said...

I went and looked at their website and they also buit the Community of Christ (RLDS) Temple. Just thought that was an intresting fact. I super excited to see the Temple lot when we go home!

wendy said...

A Sign!!!!!!!!! Gol Dern it, That is very exciting for you however. Isn't it amazing all these temples going up. I am sure you heard at Conference, they announced one to be built in my home town of Calgary, Alberta. They are very excited about it as well. let us know as soon as that thar sign pops up.

Susy said...

I love how your feelings come through on your post! I really feel your excitement about receiving the blessings of having a temple close by! Have a great weekend...

Danyelle Ferguson said...

Yeah! I can't wait to see pics with a sign & construction beginning! I'm soo excited! Thank you for keeping me updated!!!

Kelli said...



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