Sunday, January 4, 2009

Come and get 'em...

"Every foundation stone that is laid for a Temple, and every Temple completed according to the order the Lord has revealed for his holy Priesthood, lessens the power of Satan on the earth, and increases the power of God and Godliness, moves the heavens in mighty power in our behalf, invokes and calls down upon us the blessings of the Eternal Gods, and those who reside in their presence."
President George Q. Cannon

Who doesn't want to have blessings called down?

"Our labors in the temple cover us with a shield and a protection, both individually and as a people. So come to the temple—come and claim your blessings. It is a sacred work."
President Boyd K. Packer
Come and get 'em!


Tricia said...

Hey Cheryl,
I really like this post and it made me think of things I have been pondering lately. I really feel like I walk in a desolate desert out here (okay literally also!) We went to the temple yesterday. For us here (it is probably farther for you right now) it is about a 2 1/2 hour drive one way. It makes for a long day and with our schedules we can almost never go except Saturday. Teaching everyday and going on Saturday to the temple makes me sometimes grumpy thinking about it. We went yesterday, it was good, really good. I miss the temple close, this is my time of sacrifice for the privilege. I will try to never take that for granted again. I see the difference it makes when we attend. The promises given are true. Thank you for your post.

Danyelle Ferguson said...

I love these quotes. I'm going to write them in my quote journal!


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