Monday, October 20, 2008


If you decide you want to check out the temple site, you might want to heed the sign...Several times I've ignored this sign and crossed over onto the "private property", for investigational purposes of course, and every time I do, I wonder when the police will stop by to cuff me and haul me off. Well today's payment for exploration was being scared have to death by a fuzzy bunny and a Blue Racer SNAKE...yes snake. I can't believe I've been more concerned about the cops than the wildlife! Tip of the day: Do not ignore posted warning signs and lurk about forbidden fields in flip flops.

Also, I'm working on a top secret temple chaser project for my seminary class.


Meaghan said...
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Alida Bowles said...

My husband and I (and our 5 little children) missed church a few Sundays ago to drive up there and explore a little that point we weren't sure where the temple site was so we were exploring all vacant fields LOL! There was so much excitement!! :) Thank goodness we didn't come upon any ferocious snakes!!!!!

Christina said...

Yikes! I so wouldn't have stopped screaming and running long enough for a photo op with the snake!

Thanks to your post with the chair Eric and I were totally able to figure out where the site for the temple is. Thanks! I think we drive over there at least once a week! I can't wait until they actually start working over there and we can start seeing the progress!

nikkicrumpet said...

I keep trying to leave a comment on your other blog..I've tried from two different computers on three different days and it won't let me do it! I wonder if anyone else is having the same problem!


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