Thursday, October 9, 2008


No...the temple location has not been announced...and I'm sure it's not best to speculate. Hey...I'm not speculating...I'm actually out here trying to find the temple!

A storm chaser uses data, information, sightings, maps and all kinds of resources to capture that one opportunity that leads them to new discovery about the nature of storms, how to protect people and property, dramatic footage and new collections of useful data.

Acting on a "tip" (for investigational purposes, of course) last night, I ventured out today in beautiful fall weather to explore another area of the Shoal Creek Development that I had not previously chase the new temple. I went to the most southern tip, nestled in the corner between I435 and Shoal Creek Parkway. There is the most amazing piece of land, known in the development maps as the "commons". It has easy access to both I435 and Hwy 152 and it is in this corner that the first of the proposed "gates" have begun to be built with it's accompanying round-about. There is a bridge that runs over the Shoal Creek and the land is open and high enough to be seen for miles around.

Who knows...well, besides the First Presidency and the Lord, where the temple will end up being? Eventually my "chase" to find the temple lot will be over. I've been asked if that's all I want to know is... where the temple is? When you find the temple, will you give up chasing? Nope. I believe we should all be chasing the temple...always. Attending the temple should be one of our goals and we should never give up in the chase and search to find time to go, to keep our recommends current, to be prepared for whatever privileges and blessings we may be able to enjoy in one of the Lord's sacred Houses. I have been warned that there might not be a ground-breaking until spring which could very well mean we won't know where the temple will be located until then. It doesn't matter to me...I'm a Temple Chaser...and always will be.

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