Monday, February 27, 2012

Youth Cultural Temple Celebration Info

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All 12 stakes of youth will be involved.
It will be held Saturday evening, May 5th, 2012

Fireside notes from the orientation meeting:

Youth, ages 12 -18 are invited to share in their culture, history and share their vibrancy.
This is an opportunity to enjoy unity and develop friendships and be prepared for the temple dedication.

Theme:  "One Heart in the Heartland"
There will be 9 sub-sections to the presentation:
Shining Hearts
Willing Hearts
Inspired Hearts
Courageous Hearts
Changing Hearts
Broken Hearts
Confident Hearts
Sharing Hearts
All together:  All of One Heart

The opening song will be, "Arise...taken from the Church website and from the youth theme of 2012.  Scripture:  1 Nephi 17:1

A list of every single youth who participates will be on a list that will be sealed in a time capsule and buried in the cornerstone of the Temple in the dedication.

They will be performing to 10,000 folks in the auditorium.
The prophet will be in attendance.
There will be an orchestra, select choir and dancing.

Possibility that this will be the ONLY temple dedication in North America in 2012.

This is their chance to show their love to Heavenly Father in song and dance.
Stake President Jeremiah Morgan spoke:
We have nine weeks left.
174 years ago, Doctrine and Covenants 115:7-9 was given: 

7 Let the city, Far West, be a holy and consecrated land unto me; and it shall be called most holy, for the ground upon which thou standest is aholy.
8 Therefore, I command you to abuild a house unto me, for the gathering together of my saints, that they may bworship me.
9 And let there be a beginning of this work, and a foundation, and a preparatory work,

He connected that D&C 115 (the 2012 youth theme) with how they are the youth of the rising generation to see the fulfillment of prophecy.

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