Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Power of the Temple

An experience shared by fellow Temple Chaser, Jerrie Foreman

"My daughter-in-law (Laura) was not a member (of the Church).  She didn't really have much to do with the Church at all since her baby had been born. She was invited to come to Church one day and did. They talked about the new temple at church that day.  So she came over and said that she wanted to see it.  So we took a family trip (only 35 minutes!) to the temple when it was built.  She stood on the edges of the grounds.  She turned and looked at my husband and said,
"this is what I want in my life, this feeling."
She started asking questions on the way home and 2 weeks later was baptized.  She was baptized a year ago May 24.  She and my son are starting their temple prep class this week.  She already has a list of the temples she wants to visit.
I love the KC Temple, not just for the blessings it will bring to the area but for the blessings it has brought to my family."

Laura on her baptism day with the missionaries who taught her.  She was baptized by Jerrie's son, Bill.

As soon as possible, Laura took a temple trip with her ward to do baptisms for the dead.  She was so excited to walk in the first time.

Laura takes her daughter, Lexi out to the temple and takes pictures on a regular basis.


This is why I love Temple chasing.  Thank you for sharing this story Jerrie.



seashmore said...

I'm so excited for Laura! I just had the final pre-temple prep lesson yesterday! I'm waiting until May to go through so my dad can be here for it. :)

christian avila said...

What a beautiful and powerful story.

Lesta said...

Thank you for sharing.


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