Thursday, January 26, 2012

Now Serving; The Temple

It was a cold, dreary morning last Saturday, the 21st, when several wards of volunteers met at the temple to give the service of collecting and removing debris.

Despite wind chills well below 25ยบ F, these brave souls scoured over 50 acres of temple property to pick up trash, remnants of construction and other old objects to give the grounds a clean-face lift.

Ages 14 and older were invited to participate but so many couldn't come due to the extreme cold weather.

Photographed are all the 35+ folks who served and their names were recorded for their efforts.

Of course, there were snacks, impromptu sword fights with sticks and a lot of love and warmth going around.

These photos contain the first shots taken by Valerie Anderson without having to be behind a security fence.

Bless these good souls for their service to the Temple.  I bet Moroni loved the company and appreciates the clean view.
Now Serving; A Temple Near You!



Vickie Hacking said...

Just wanted to let you know of a great home decor item you can make with the new Kansas City Temple. RS are loving them!

Tom/Tabitha said...

Hey, there are my boys :)


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