Monday, January 30, 2012

Getting through the fog

Sometimes the fog of the world makes it difficult for us to know where to go and what to do.  We can be assured that our Heavenly Father has given us a living prophet who will navigate and show us the way.

Elder M. Russell Ballard, shared harrowing fog experience in the August, 1977 Friend, while flying in a small single-engine airplane, that illustrated to him of the importance of following our Heavenly "air traffic controller." He taught, "If we will listen very carefully to everything that the prophet tells us, and if we will follow his instructions, then, just like those in the airplane who were able to find the runway, we can find our way back safely to our Heavenly Father."

"Other, "instruments" our Heavenly Father uses to help us throughout our lives and sometimes through dense for are the Holy Ghost, our stake presidents, bishops, home teachers, and our parents.  If we listen and learn to follow the counsel we receive, we will have "safe landings" throughout our lives.  And more importantly, when our lives here are over, we will arrive back home to live with our Heavenly Father again."

The temple is also a light and guide in our lives.  Our attendance and being worthy to attend is very much like having a celestial compass to help us navigate through a dark and clouded world.

A celestial compass is opening near you.  Very soon.  Are you ready to receive light and knowledge to guide you and assist you on your journey through the mists?  Get ready.


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