Sunday, October 30, 2011

We Love Thy House, O God

We love thy house, O God,

Where-in thine honor dwells.

The joy of thine abode
All earthly joy excels.

It is the house of prayer,
Where-in thy servants meet,

And thou, O Lord art there,

Thy chosen flock to greet.

We love the word of life, 
The word that tells of peace,

Of comfort in the strife,
Of joys that never cease.

Text brought to you today from:  William Bullock, LDS Hymnal, Photos by Valerie Anderson and
progress on the House of the Lord and joy found there-in by our Father in Heaven.

We love thy house, O God.



seashmore said...

That backdrop in that last picture is beautiful! And thanks for those lyrics. It's not a hymn I'm familiar with, but I'd certainly like to be. :)

Five Bloomin' Beauties said...

How can I get a print for my home of the temple with the sunset in the background? It's the last picture of the post.
Traci Christensen


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