Monday, October 3, 2011

Open House for the new Stake Center will be November 4th.  
November 5 & 6 Stake Conference and Dedication of the building.

Beginning November 13, 2011, the New Mark Ward will attend church in the new Liberty Stake Center across from the Kansas City Temple.  Sacrament begins at 11:00 am until the end of the year.  The building will be shared with the Shoal Creek Valley and North Kansas City wards from the Liberty Stake and will be the only ward from the Platte City Stake attending the new building.  

This is such wonderful and blessed news for those who have had to travel up to a half hour each way to church in Platte City for many years. It's almost done!



seashmore said...

I'm excited for the people in Platte City, even though I don't know them (or you!). I grew up traveling 20 miles/30 minutes to church and my dad has to drive 30 minutes from his home to his chapel, and he's quick to point out there is no church building in Columbia County, WI.

I'm in Omaha right now and love that I found your blog because I'm planning to go to the temple's Open House and am grateful that you're keeping me updated on it's progress. :)

Shawz said...
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Shawz said...

sorry for the confusion... Nov 5 10-12 is the open house

seashmore said...

That's the open house for the stake center, right?

Dixie Mom said...

Correct. Stake Center dedication.


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