Saturday, May 8, 2010

"Let the Mountains Shout for Joy!"

I have many pictures to post.

It was windy and cold, I am covered with dust.  And yet I am so happy.

May 8, 2010 10:00 am

Kansas City Missouri Temple Groundbreaking Service

Presiding:  President Ronald A. Rasband, Presidency of the Seventy

Conducting:  Elder William R. Walker, Executive Director of the Temple Department

Welcome:  Elder William R. Walker

Hymn:  "High on the Mountain Top" - printed on the back of the program

Invocation:  President Michael A. Murphy, Platte City Missouri Stake

Speakers:  Elder Donald D. Deshler, Sixth Quorum of the Seventy, Sister Vicki V. Walker, Elder William R. Walker, Sister Melanie T. Rasband

Choir:  "Let the Mountains Shout for Joy" - The Mormon Chorale

Remarks and Dedicatory Prayer:  Elder Ronald A. Rasband

Hymn:  "Now Let Us Rejoice" - The Mormon Chorale

Benediction:  President Kendal S. Ross, Olathe Kansas Stake


Elder William R. Walker, Executive Director of the Temple

Elder Ronald A. Rasband, Presidency of the Seventy

Unveiling of Rendering of Kansas City Temple

Groundbreaking Ceremony

Fellow Temple Chasers

The Temple Chaser and her husband....groundbreaking....

Interesting article about today's groundbreaking....dated yesterday, here.

It was a glorious day.  I will never forget it.
Not tears of joy!


Danyelle Ferguson said...

Awesome! We watched the groundbreaking in our stake center in Olathe. Aside from some technical difficulties, it was wonderful! BTW - I saw you pics got uploaded to the church site already, too. =)

Wonderful stuff is happening!!!

sharon said...

Awesome in every way! This is one of those days that you will never forget. Great pictures - I almost feel like I was there. Wish I could have been! Love you!!

traci stephenson said...

I was thinking of you today! What a wonderful event. Thanks for taking all the great pics and writing about it. Elder Deshler was my stake president growing up. Really, REALLY wish we could have been there! What a glorious day!

Kelli said...

Well, we feel quite honored to have made your chaser blog!!! The rest of your pictures are fantastic. We really couldnt see from where we were sitting so i appreciate all of them. LOVE the picture of the shovels all lined up waiting.
And now....let the construction begin!!!!

Our Family said...

You totally took a picture of our Grandma she is in the green dress, in the first picture.

Here at home said...

So happy for you! It looks like a beautiful day, despite the cold weather

Lesta said...

I was looking for pictures of the groundbreaking ceremony online and found your blog. You took some great shots! I have never been to a groundbreaking ceremony, so I didn't even think of going up by the microphone to see what was up there. I love the shots you took of that area!
My son is on a mission and is wanting some pics, so I have copied a few of yours.
Thanks so much!
Lee's Summit 3rd Ward

Alaska Law said...

How exciting!! I get homesick every time I look at this blog! I want to go back for the open house!

Larae Taylor Merritt said...

Thanks for sharing. I read about the groundbreaking in the Church News then googgled it! I found your blog. How excited I am! My family and I grew up in Gallatin and Lee's Summit. We are so anxious to see the completion of this temple. I will definitely be following your blog!!

Caprice said...

I'm so jealous that you were able to go to the temple groundbreaking!! What a wonderful experience. I can hardly believe that we're actually going to have a temple so close after hoping for one for so many years. Thanks for keeping us all updated on its progress--love the blog!!


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