Monday, May 3, 2010

Curb Appeal

Curbing has gone in on the west entrance to the lot.
Looks like more will be going in soon.....

It's getting close!

Now would be a great time for me to say that I am so grateful for this temple. Ever since the electric charge that literally shot through my spine the day the of announcement to today....less then a week to groundbreaking, I still am overwhelmed.
I think of those who have broke ground, so to speak, in this area. Those pioneers who inhabited the land many years ago and those who have been here since Kansas City opened it's first Stake.

I am awed and moved by their sacrifices and how much this temple must mean to them. How surreal it must be. I try to comprehend the circumstances that have brought me to live here and now in this place, only minutes away from this long awaited temple. Me, a western mountain raised girl brought to the rolling hills of Missouri, a land rich in church history. I feel so privileged. So grateful. So humbled.

When I started this blog, I did so because I felt that I needed to journal and document my experience. I knew that this was a way that I could feel a part of this journey....a part of the building of a temple. My chase began. It has been a year and a half since I began. I have come to understand that this online journal has benefited me more then it has anyone else. It has been my personal chase.

I welcome anyone who would like to continue chasing with me. However, I know that it is just chase and I'm just grateful if anyone enjoys the ride.

My testimony of the prophet Joseph Smith and the living Christ is greater then ever. I'm grateful to be here, at this time, in this place where one of His Holy houses will be....and will continue my Temple Chase.

"Shall we not go on is so great a cause?"


Frosty said...

That was beautiful. I've already got my "Sunday best" picked out for Saturday morning. :)

Ninny said...

I am along for the chase with you- all the way from Alaska! I love your site.


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