Friday, April 16, 2010

Ground Breaking Questions

One Temple Chaser had some questions about the Groundbreaking Ceremony of a temple.

"I have a few questions (maybe you could address this in another post) -- I understand there will be a ground breaking ceremony this spring, yet to be announced. Until now I've never lived in an area where a new temple was built, so I'd like to know what happens at a ground breaking ceremony? Is the public invited? Who generally attends or conducts the ceremony? Are the open house and the temple dedication the only other events that will occur before the temple opens?"

I myself, have never attended a groundbreaking ceremony for a temple. I have been to several Dedications, not the same as groundbreaking, however.

I did do some reading online about previous groundbreaking ceremonies...fairly recent ones.

In the many of these ceremonies, President Hinckley attended the ceremonies and frequently spoke.

I read that at the Gila Valley Arizona Temple, that the shovels were strategically placed where the Celestial Room was to be built. From other accounts I've read, there seems to always be an official shoveling of soil.

These ceremonies were in fact, open to the public and there is even mention on the church website of how during the groundbreaking and dedicatory ceremonies, special care is taken to lessen the impact of parked cars in the areas and neighborhoods surrounding the temple lot.

I still have not heard when our groundbreaking will be. I heard it would be in the spring.
I don't know how much of a notice there will be given or if a public announcement will made over the pulpits. I'm still unsure about how notification will be given or even how much notice we will receive.

As of a couple of days ago, there was no physical evidence of an impending ceremony to be held.

If anyone has first hand information or knowledge of how a groundbreaking ceremony is organized or run, please let us Temple Chasers know!!

But, one thing is for sure. If I find out....I'll be sure to let you know!


Dennis and Cherise said...

I hope that it is while we are home in May! that would be so perfect!

Bob said...

This week it was reported that the Calgary Alberta temple's groundbreaking has been set for May 15. Calgary was announced the same day as Kansas City, so perhaps the Kansas City groundbreaking will be announced shortly as well.

KC Mom said...

That is interesting Bob! Thanks for posting this comment. This shows that the groundbreakings are announced! Good to know! I'm anxious for our announcement!
Cherise....that would be AWESOME if you were here for that!

Barrett said...

May 8th- the ceremony is by invitation, but will be broadcast to the Liberty Stake Center


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