Saturday, April 24, 2010

Another Resource

One of my favorite resources for information about all the temples is:
I've posted photos on there before.

Here is the link to the latest info about our temple on their website.

It's nice to have a buddy in the online temple chasing business.


Christina said...

So sad it's by invitation only. :( But I'm sure there is a reason why. It will be so exciting to watch as they actually begin construction on the temple!

Bird Man Pratt said...

Wow!, about the Groundbreaking, I'm very excited for you, I've been following up on new temples for 12 years now! I remember when the Snowflake temple was announced, in Aril 2000,I was at church watching General Conference, I was so excited that I literally flew out of my seat and shouted yes! and everyone was laughing, and I was like oop's sorry people! but even though at the time the groundbreaking for that temple was by invitation only, I was able to be there, by miracle. So congrats to the K.C. area members getting a temple!, hopefully the New Jerusalem temple won't be far off.

TempleRick said...

Thank you, Cheryl! It's a thrill to be a fellow Temple Chaser!


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