Thursday, September 10, 2009

There's Power in the Poles

KCP&L, the local provider of electricity in this area, including mine...was found today erecting power poles and lines along the west side of the temple lot along Searcy. In my unprofessional opinion, it looks as if these are temporary power lines, maybe just to provide a source of electricity for the improvements and preparations about to be commencing on the church property.
This is exciting.
I've thought a lot about power today. We talked about it in Insitute class. Because of the Priesthood Power on the earth today, the Light of the Lord has been brought about through that Restoration.

Because of the symbolism between light and power I get even more excited when I think about the addition of electricity to the temple lot. The Light is coming.


Valerie said...

Hi KC Mom,

Just a quick question...

Do you know if the KC Temple will be holding an "Open House" of sorts before the dedication?

Sorry if I misspeak here, but I'm not sure how else to describe what I am asking!!! LOL

When the Temple was built in St. Louis (off of Hwy 40 in west St. Louis County, where I grew up) my parents were given tickets to tour certain parts of the Temple (my sister-in-law's father is a Mormon and got the tickets for my parents).

I would love the opportunity to do the same as I have come to love so many of my Mormon blog friends!

Just curious,

P.S. You can email me at vkueter at kc dot rr dot com if you would rather contact me privately.

Hooser Family said...

Hi Cheryl,

You are so right about those being temporary power poles. I kind of have an inside source to the power company. It is exciting to know things are starting to happen, but too slowly for me.

We enjoy your updates. Thank you.


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