Monday, November 28, 2011

Information regarding temple

 We have received the following information in a letter from Elder Donald D. Deshler, of the Seventy, regarding the formation of a Committee to plan the Kansas City Temple Open House and related events.  Elder Deshler will serve as the Coordinator for the Kansas City Missouri New Temple Committee.  Note the rough outline for dates and an estimated dedication time frame:
“The completion of construction of the temple is anticipated to be by around the first of March.  Following that, the contractor will turn the temple over to the Church for its review and approval, cleaning, official photographs of each of the rooms, etc.  This process can take anywhere between 3-6 weeks.  Once that process is complete, a date will be set for the open house, cultural celebration, and dedication.  Establishing the date will be influenced by the following factors: (1) the Prophet’s availability, and (2) the availability of a venue for holding the cultural celebration. Of course, consideration will be given to anticipated weather, school events (e.g., graduation, etc.), etc. It is estimated that the dedication will take place by mid-summer."
You are encouraged to share this information with all members. Please do what you can to discourage speculation on anything beyond what is written here.  We will keep you updated as these exciting events continue to move forward.
With warmest regards,
Jeremiah Morgan
Sean Foley
Rodney Ames
Presidency, Liberty Missouri Stake


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