Monday, June 20, 2011


Dear Moroni,

I'm writing on behalf of our friend, the photographer, Val.  You may not know that she is really missing her friend and fellow Temple Chaser, Tom.

I'm sure you have noticed the lovely weeds that are in bloom right now all around you.  These buds and flowers have brought color and light to Val's world lately.

Even though weeds are considered a nuisance to most, these blossoms have demonstrated the blessed assurance of re-birth, new growth and life that continues .

I consider myself a weed.  Imperfect, with my thorns and unsightly leaves. But with some Sun...or the Son and basking in His light, I blossom and grow too, to something more beautiful.

Our friend Val sure appreciates her sojourns to the Temple and the opportunity to photograph you.  She feels real peace when she is there.

I hope you are enjoying the display of nature's color around you.

I ask that you keep an eye on our friend for me.  Keep shining as her beacon of hope.  Please continue to make her feel welcome as you do all your guests.

We know a loving Heavenly Father sends us these gentle reminders that our friends and family who pass away are with Him...blooming and continually growing.  And we are thankful for those reminders.  But sometimes it's still hard missing them here on earth.  Thank goodness we know we will see them again.

Thank you for who you are and what you stand for, Moroni.  And thank you for watching over our Valerie.

Your friend,



Danyelle Ferguson said...

Gorgeous pictures! And wonderful thoughts to go with them. Thank you!

the INies said...

Just discovered your blog. Thank you so much for the updates and beautiful pictures and thoughts.


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