Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sunset of Life

Taken from the poem, The Sunset of Life by Allison Chambers Coxsey

In the sunset of life,
I have found joy and peace;
I shall celebrate life, 
'Till my sunset has ceased.

(All photos taken by Val Anderson on 2/17/11)

Sometimes people are called to return home to their Father in Heaven before they reach the "sunset of their life".
This is the case for fellow Temple Chaser, Tom Allison.  But that hasn't stopped him from living the very best he can in his shortened sunset.

Recently, family and friends gathered to honor Tom at a living funeral held in Kansas City.  Tom's life is winding down as he has suffered for the better part of 4 years battling with cancer.

As Tom as found joy in the building of the Kansas City Temple, we have found joy through him.  He has indeed shared "love and peace" in his short life and sunset years. His countless acts of service and love have and will be an enduring legacy through the many sunsets of lives of those he's touched. Tom has a talent for touching lives.

With deepest sorrow and sadness for those of us left behind in this world that you have made better by being in it...may the Lord bless you Tom, may God speed and keep you till we meet again....buddy, Temple Chaser, cohort, humanitarian, father, son and friend.


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Heather said...

What a wonderful post! I had the opportunity to meet Tom and have him in my home. Knowing Mike, his brother, I feel honored to know this family. What wonderful pictures! Absolutely Celestial.


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