Monday, November 29, 2010

White Oak for the House of the Lord

I received an email from someone with the most incredible pictures of White Oak believed to being harvested from Adam-ondi-ahman for the Kansas City Temple.

I have not received an email directly from the person who took the pictures, nor have I heard this information first hand.  I hope that it will be alright to share these photos and if not, I apologize and will remove them.  I have omitted the names of those pictured, as they may or may not want to be identified.

These pictures moved me to tears.

Adam-ondi-ahman, the First White Oak being cut for the Kansas City Temple.

1st White Oak, felled

2nd White Oak, felled

First two White Oak logs cut for the Kansas City Temple

White Oak Tree stockpile, 13,974 board feet was cut.

Large White Oak

Adam-ondi-ahman, White Oak Stockpile

Portable saw mill

First White Oak lumber sawed

Cut White Oak for the Kansas City Temple

This is an amazing historical occasion.  The work of the House of the Lord is progressing quickly. 
Truly a blessed day.



Nicole said...

Thanks for sharing the pics! So awesome that wood from Adam-ondi-Ahman is being used in the temple!

Gramps Lyon said...

I heard from a good source that Elder and Sister Nelson were visiting Adam-ondi-Ahman at her request and she suggested something special be done with the white oak being harvested there. The connection to the Kansas City temple was made and the rest is reported. Pondering that some of the oldest trees witnessed Joseph and the early Saints makes the temple even more special.


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