Sunday, October 10, 2010


It looks like things are progressing nicely in KC!

Thanks to Carol Tallant for providing some great update photos.

Elevator shaft...shaping up nicely.

Sidewalks going in....

Looks like the retaining wall along I435 on the east side of the property is completed.

I'm looking forward to some information about the possible groundbreaking of the chapel, next to the temple, this weekend or very soon.  If anyone has details, let me know!!



barbara wahlquist said...

I was so excited today to hear about this blog from a lady visiting the Nauvoo Temple. We are Temple missionaries here. I grew up in Independence, Missouri, and am so thrilled for this Temple to be built. We visited the site when the Temple was first announced and it is exciting to see what is happening. I love all the historical sites and felt privileged and blessed to live in such an area. Thanks to everyone who is contributing to this blog. It is a great thing.

Anonymous said...

It looks like the temple is coming along great! How exciting!


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