Sunday, September 19, 2010


It looks like we've had more storm chasers then Temple Chasers in Kansas City in the last month!  The recent photos I've seen of the temple lot reminds me of the song...."Riders on the Storm"!

It's quite a ride....this Temple Chasing.

Thanks to Val Anderson, I have a few stunning photos to share.

To my inexperienced eye, it looks like we have the beginnings of an elevator shaft being built.  Talk about the ultimate "uplifting" experience.  I know.  Bad.

I have also heard news that a framed official artist rendering of the temple, is now available for purchase.  I also understand that it is being offered at deeply discounted prices to members of the church in that area, with the Platte City Stake being mentioned to me specifically.  I can try to get more info if it is needed.  Apparently, you should all be receiving a copy of the temple rendering in your wards.

Please, do yourselves a favor.  Go and get a copy of this picture and put it in a prominent place in your home.  We need to be prepared for the coming of this temple.  If you see a picture of it everyday, maybe you'll be inspired to do what is necessary to be ready to be there when the time comes.  A picture of your temple within your daily vision will be "uplifting" indeed.

I just returned from a trip to Rome, Italy where a temple was announced to be built the same day as our's in Kansas City.  Ground has not even been broken there yet. I am reminded and deeply humbled by the blessing of having a temple in our midst.  The time will go by fast.  Please be ready.

My new Stake President offered an idea of a way to help us prepare.  Step up your current temple attendance.  If you are not going, go.  If you are going monthly, consider going twice a month or weekly.  I lived in Kansas City for 10 1/2 years.  I know what a sacrifice this is, to attend the temple.  I also know that we will be blessed for doing so.

I know I need all the uplift-ment I can get.  How about you?



Five Bloomin' Beauties said...

I live in Topeka, Kansas just over an hour from the temple site. I am so excited to find this blog and be able to see pictures of the construction! Thanks so much for taking the time to do this. We received pictures of the temple last week in church and everytime I look at the picture, and look at this blog I really feel the spirit. I am really looking forward to having a temple so close.

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

How EXCITING! Looks like such a great spot :)


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