Sunday, July 18, 2010

Moving Right Along

In case you were wondering what is being built on that lot by the police station.....

I suppose that makes it official!

I ventured over to the temple lot today for some photos.  

Don't ask me how I got that last shot.
It looks like they have graded the front drive.

Plumbing, wiring, foundationing....wait is that a word?  Check.

Now for some other news.

I am moving.

This will be my new temple.

When I first began chasing the Kansas City Temple, I had no thought that I might not be able to witness the entire building process and see it through to the completion and dedication.  I have no doubt that I was inspired to start this blog, if for no other reason at all other then to reinforce my love for and desire to be in the temple.

I have had several people ask me what I intend to do about my blog.  First of all, I have every intention of seeing this through. I will continue to post the progress and I plan on attending the open house as well as the dedication.  I may not be here in person but I will always be here in Spirit.  I am hoping that many of you will be my eyes between my visits.  If you have pictures you have taken that you would like to include, please email them to me with a description of each photo and your name.  I will post them here and credit the pictures to you.  You may also send me any articles or thoughts you have regarding the building of this temple as well as any other temples and I can include them here as well.

You can email me at:
Please put Kansas City Temple Chaser in the subject line.

Secondly, If you choose to begin your own blog adventure...enjoy.  I ask that you do not start your own "temple chaser" blog.  You may call yourselves whatever you choose (and you will all always be fellow temple chasers to me) but please refrain from using that name for your own site.

Email me or post any thoughts or questions you have.

I am sad to be leaving this chosen, historical area at such a crucial time in history.  For what reason, is still unclear to I know this is part of the plan for us.  I will be back.  As often as possible.

Thank you for all your thoughts and well wishes.  My passion for the temple and the desire to witness it's construction has not waned and I will always and forever be the......



Here at home said...

I love St. George. That was my home for three years. Love that temple there. Wow! So cool you will be in Utah. I'm excited for your new adventures. Maybe someday we will meet, because I know you will be here for the Payson temple open house. It's not so far away from St. George. :)Good luck to you on your move.

Julie said...

I will keep your blog bookmarked and hope I continue to see the progress on the KC Temple. Thanks.

Frosty said...

I will enjoy watching it first hand and sharing my pics with you and all of the fellow chasers. Safe travels Cheryl! See you at the open house!

lisa.mccole said...

Moving? Nooooo!!!!
Pat and I were sealed to each other and our children in the St George Temple in 2000. I have never felt so close to heaven as I did that day. My children really did look like angels, too. We love to ski up in Brian Head. I know you will be happy there.

The Martineaus said...

Wishing you a smooth move and wonderful new adventures, Cheryl. Sad that you will be leaving us. :(


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