Sunday, June 6, 2010

A Hole in One!

Work is progressing on the roads and entrances....
JeDunn has begun setting up security fencing and cargo/office trailers.  At some point I won't be able to hike up the hill to take pictures.  I'm hoping there is fellow Temple Chaser out there who can provide me with an official security badge and hard hat!!  Don't you think I need one of those too?  It will be a sad day when I can't walk up to the temple site.

We have a hole!  Digging has commenced and it is a welcome sight.  It's not quite the actual footprint size yet but as you can see, they are getting close.
View from the west.

View from the southwest corner.

View from the west.

View from northwest corner.

Another view from southwest corner...JeDunn trailers are located on the northeast corner of the lot.

Close up from southwest corner.

View from southeast corner

View of east side

I know many of you will be excited about the news of this progress as I was.  I am leaving town for the week to be at Girls Camp.  Hopefully I won't miss much!  Hang on to your (hard) hats....this is a hole in one!

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Susy said...

WOW...I don't look at your site for a few weeks and look a temple is finally being built I paticularly like the one of you with the shovel...It really made me smile....Because I thought of the other significant item in your blog...the temple chaser chair! : ) Look forward to more pixies on your blog! Have a good week.
Susy Balaz


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