Monday, December 14, 2009

A World of Fun

From the temple lot, over the roof of the police station, you can see Worlds of Fun, an amusement park in Kansas City, North.
Not pictured but seen to the left of the roller coaster is the RLDS temple or what is now known as the Community of Christ temple, located in Independence.

With the removal of hills and soil, the view of the surrounding area is appearing. We have had some snow and extreme cold weather so work has slowed down quite a bit.
Information about open house and dedication dates for the Gila Valley Arizona Temple is now posted at This temple was announced in April of 2008...just 6 months before ours was announced. These are fun times....I think even funner then a roller coaster.


Frosty said...

Great photo. Kuddos to you for getting out on a COLD morning to capture it. LOVE IT!

The Martineaus said...

I agree with Frosty -- good for you for braving the weather for us!

Wow, so it's only two years between announcement and projected dedication dates for the Gila Valley Arizona temple.

Since the announcement of the KC temple, I've only been hearing that we should expect three years between the announcement and the likely completion/dedication of the temple. Any insight on that?

I hope it's closer to two years, of course, but I guess we'll see. Exciting, all the same!

Marque and Sarah said...

This tells me exactly where the temple will be. Now I know. Thanks.


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